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Welcome to my new website and blog. As you visit I hope you are inspired to send a comment or join my mailing list by submitting your email to the right. I will be adding new content as often as I can.

In this blog space, as a full-time art teacher and full-time artist I'm going to try to share with you my art-filled life in anecdotes and mind streams. However, I'm going to be straight up and say I can't promise true blogger consistency. I may get distracted. I can easily get lost creating projects for my art students, making clay figures in my studio or just wondering around taking pictures. But I promise to do my best to come back here when I can to share art stuff like artists I love and what the heck I was thinking when I made that . . .

If I may "teacher talk"a minute here, my objective is hopefully to amuse and inspire when I can. I have been told by family and close friends that I can keep things pretty interesting. Compliment? Hmmm. We'll see. Thanks for stopping by. Here's my first entry:

This sculpture is named "Scorpion Folly" and she is the stuff of my nightmares. So, of course, I kept her. My lifelong fears of both clowns and scorpions were faced in her creation. Along the way I learned stuff like this: In the royal courts there were female clowns and they were called "Folly" instead of "Jester." So all those terrifying female clowns at the circus are actually follies. Not sure knowing that makes them any less scary but now you have a new bit of info for bar trivia.

Today, "Scorpion Folly" resides in a room in my house that is set aside for meditation, sewing, yoga and painting. Believe me I know that we are both very lucky to have such a space. I sit in gratitude in the space at least twice a day. So this morning, as I was preparing to cuss my way through a really achy downward dog, there she was, upside down and smirking at me. Seriously, she may be the best life coach ever. My wish for each of you is that you have someone or something that prods you through the tough times to a warm and happy stretch. We all need a little help some times.

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